Buying the right luxury apartment is a tough task as you find yourself stuck between either of these options:

  1. A spacious and luxurious apartment with all modern amenities and facilities but very expensive, or
  2. A mid-range apartment which has all the basic amenities but not so big and spacious.

Hence it becomes very important to be aware of key factors while buying an apartment which fits your needs. Here we provide 7 such factors that will definitely help anyone to buy a Luxury Apartment in Hyderabad at best prices:

  • Go for Pre-launch: The best way to save on your new dream home would be to book it beforehand rather than caught up in the post-launch rush. Also, if you are comfortable with paying a fixed amount of booking amount at pre-launch, then there are chances that the builder may offer some great discounts to the first few buyers before launching it officially on market.
  • Consult an expert or broker: A good real estate broker will help you get the best deal possible without burning a hole in your pocket. This is because brokers have enough information regarding developers, their plans and previous projects which give them an upper hand when compared to normal buyers. So do not forget to go through this option as you might end up saving more than 50% of your buying cost if done correctly.
  • Make sure every floor has only 1 flat per owner: Majority of the builders have a policy of selling only 1 flat per floor which means you will have all floors, terraces and open spaces to yourself if this condition is met. This is a great option for those who do not want much crowd around them or those who are looking for privacy. In addition, there could be an opportunity that the builder might allow extra cars/bikes parking in your building as well.
  • Don’t fall to builder’s pressure tactics: It is very common for builders to tell buyers to buy flats faster than they actually need it so that they can get their project completed on time or face serious monetary loss due to delay in project completion. Hence, just keep away from such kind of baseless arguments and instead, buy a flat only if you can afford it and have found the perfect one for yourself.
  • Don’t be lured by freebies:   There are many developers who lure buyers with freebies such as branded clothes, shoes etc. which they give on first come first serve basis. Do not fall to this trap as these kind of things hold no actual use for you until and unless you specifically ask the developer beforehand about it or do some research before signing up for any deal with them. So keep your eyes open before believing what the builder tells you.
  • Watch out for additional construction cost: Majority of people think that buying an under construction flat means they will save on their total cost as compared to ready-to-move flats, but this is a completely wrong assumption as majority of that savings happen during the earlier stages of construction. Hence you need to be careful enough and discuss with your real estate agent regarding hidden charges such as stamp duty, registration charges etc. which may come up in future.
  • Do not stress yourself with resale deals: It’s natural for people who have booked under-construction flats to worry about the resale value as per market trends. But they forget one important thing that it is their own decision to buy a flat now as compared to later as there are no guarantees involved. So if you want to book under construction projects, do so only if you aren’t bothered about reselling it after completion or consider it as a long term investment.

In conclusion, with the rising number of projects in almost every part of Hyderabad, buyers have a lot of options to choose from and they can always pick up a perfect home for themselves at best possible rates. So go ahead and find your dream home now!

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